Friday, January 21, 2011

A glimpse of our DEALERS. There's so much to see at ANTIQUE QUEENS....

Vintage skates are peeking out of a re-purposed tool box (cabinet) and adorned with vintage riding helmets, and flour bins... captured in all its vintage glory.

Window-shopping in style!. Trends that combine old and industrial are taking off... vintage metal & wire items repurposed and positioned with soft, traditional elements... So DIVINE!

An Antique Queens' vendor, Brenda C, has some intriguing pieces with a grouping of plaster busts, a wreath made of bed springs and a mini wire chair reserved for the "queen".

Oh Jinny! One of Antique Queens' talented dealers creates wonderful visual displays with her vintage finds. This unique combination above -- a handpainted lamp, vintage heater, baby carriage, umbrella grouping are awe-inspiring.

Visit Antique Queens this weekend, we'd love to see you!!
106 W. Cameron Avenue
Rockdale, TX

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