Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spontaneous Shopping

Sidewalk shopping is such fun... window shopping and bird watching all in the same moment. Oh my! Life-size pink flamingos greet you while you stroll by... And just inside the Spontaneous Shopping captivates you and, well, it just won't let go.

Have you seen the sassy new jewelry, tee shrts and caps?? Better hurry in while the selection is good. Wow, there's a big, new display case of vintage jewelry over there. And chic little dresses and belts are just ahead. You won't be able to resist a little trinket or two.. or three! And while you're here, shop some more. Buy something for your BFF. Now, don't you feel incredible?

Are you a collector? Collectors won't leave empty handed once bitten. Come let us tempt you.


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