Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hanging from the walls & ceiling

Over the years, the one area that is ignored by many of us is the light fixtures when we decorate for the holidays. Let me tell you that the chandeliers, table lamps and sconces around your home will add so much charm and warmth if decorated. My newest vendor booth at Antique Queens (coming Dec 1st) will have a central chandelier (can't wait to put it up) and I will definitely decorate it for the holidays. You can swag a little greenery and tie on ribbon in 10 minutes or hang little black and white family photos or vintage Christmas cards and a strand of pearls. Now you've got it. Come by Antique Queens and find a little something-something to update your wreath, tree or light fixtures. Go BIG, or go home (as they say). Have fun with flourish!

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