Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vintage-inspired Tree ornaments

There are no rules for creating a masterful and vintage-looking Christmas tree. Rummage through a box of your family's photos and pick 8-10 that show your grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren... make black-white copies and glue them to card stock. Feel free to embellish grandma with a glitter halo or a crown for uncle Harold. Also glue a little craft trim around the edges and voila! So simple and charming.
In the featured photo, there are clock faces with a ribbon tie... ready to place on the tree. You may have a collection of vintage dolls, hair brushes, or angels that you can tie with lace or ribbon on your tree - set your imagination free.
HOLIDAY FLASH -- Lanna and Zena have been busy putting up the Antique Queens' Christmas tree. Hope you will come by this weekend and grab some holiday spirit. Browse our dealers for all sorts of vintage-styled inspiration. (Tree photos on next post.)

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